Educator Resources

The KU Natural History Museum has a variety of resources available for K-12 educators to explore science topics with your classes in the museum and in the classroom. Many items were created by museum educators and KU scientists as part of grant-funded projects, which reach more than 250,000 online users including K-12 students and teachers.

Featured Resources

Green fish in profile with a downturned mouth. It has two fins on top, one tail fin, two on the bottom and one on the side.

Exhibit Activities

For a more in-depth exploration with your students, use these differentiated or NGSS-connected exhibit activities which are suitable for upper elementary/middle school and up.
youth in front of the Biodiversity Exhibit

Discovery Guides

Museum discovery guides provide fun and educational ways for classes or groups to further explore the museum and learn together.
Three girls doing an activity with a rock and a chart

School Programs

Book a school program at the museum for your class! We offer a variety of science education programs for K-12 students throughout the Fall and Spring. Scholarships are available.
Anatomy Alex game like Operation displaying human anatomy

Informal Science Education

Learn more about our Informal Science Education department, which conducts externally-funded education projects, supports broader impacts and fulfills our public education mission.