Herpetology Research

KU Herpetology investigates the diversity of reptiles and amphibians. A diverse team of researchers uses our collections, field study, and work in the molecular laboratory to discover new diversity, characterize global patterns of diversity, and understand the evolutionary origins of this diversity.

Anole Speciation

Anole speciation research by Curator Rich Glor and associates is focused on development of a new model system that permits detailed study of speciation both in nature and in the laboratory.

Two anoles mating, on a tree, facing the ground

Biogeography of a Model Island Archipelago

Island diversification research by curator Rafe Brown and a large group of students and colleagues in the U.S. and the Philippines focuses on land vertebrate biogeography across a dynamic and complex island archipelago.

raja ampat islands

Congo Basin Species Diversification

Congo Basin Species Diversification research by Katie Allen uses a combination of phylogenomics and ecological niche modeling to understand reptile diversification processes in Central Africa.

congo basin

Flying Gecko Phylogenics

Flying Gecko research by visiting scholar Xianguang Guo and collaborators is using phylogenomic sequence data to address problematic phylogenetic issues in a remarkable group of Asian geckos.


Madagascan Amphibian Species Discovery

Madagascan Species Discovery research by graduate student Carl Hutter and his collaborators is discovering remarkable new species of frogs in Ranomafana National Park.


Philippine Lizard Species Delimitation

Species delimination research by graduate student Scott Travers and other KU researchers and their collaborators uses cutting edge phylogenomic data and associated analyses to identify species boundaries in several groups of Philippine lizards.

Philippine lizard

Phylogenomics of Philippine Vertebrates

Adaptive radiation research by curator Rafe Brown and multiple collaborators uses sequencing of ultra-conserved elements to provide new insights on diversification of Pacific land vertebrates.

flying gecko

Riparian Amphibian Evolution

Riparian evolution research by graduate student Chan Kin Onn and his collaborators investigates speciation and diversification of riparian amphibians along drainage systems in Peninsular Malaysia.


Typhoon Haiyan and Philippine Biodiversity

Typhoon impacts on biodiversity research by curator Rafe Brown and collaborators uses funding from the NSF RAPID program to investigate the impact of Typhoon Haiyan on Philippine biodiversity.