Invertebrate Paleontology Research

KU Invertebrate Paleontology focuses on the study of macroevolutionary patterns and processes using analysis of the fossil record.

Biodiversity on a Changing Planet

Using the Past to Predict the Future – Pliocene to recent mollusks from the Western Atlantic.

Hundreds of white mollusk shells in halves.


Curator Bruce S. Lieberman's entire career has been dedicated to the study of the patterns and processes of macroevolution using the fossil record.

Stratified rocks in western Kansas, with Bruce in the field looking at fossils. Credit: Richard Bryant

Digitizing Fossils

Digitizing Fossils to Reconstruct Evolving Ecosystems in the Western Interior Seaway.

Monument Rocks area of Kansas, with soaring stratified rock natural structures. Credit: Bruce Lieberman

Integrating Fossil Data

Integrating Fossil Data into Likelihood-Based Phylogenetic Analyses with Trilobites as a Model System