Archaeology Research

The diverse interests of the Archaeology faculty and staff result in a wide variety of research areas, some of which are outlined below.

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Environmental Archaeology

Research in the Division of Archaeology has a strong focus on Environmental Archaeology, which reconstructs paleo-environments, ancient humans’ adaptations, and their ecological footprint.

multiple bison walking in grass

Ancient Great Plains Farming

Mary Adair's research has focused for decades on documenting the presence and importance of prehistoric farming on the central Plains.

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Arabian Rock Art Heritage Project

As research begins to penetrate deeper and the archaeological record is more fully documented, it is clear that this region has an extremely rich cultural heritage.

rock art

North American Central Plains Woodland

This research is a collaborative effort of several colleagues and students to document the temporal, social, political and settlement-subsistence parameters of the various Middle Woodland groups who occupied the central Plains in prehistory.

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The Early Horse Herders of Botai

horses on kazakh steppe

Pawnee Archaeology

This project focuses on the contextual arrangement of material culture remains and the depositional characteristics associated with a Pawnee occupation at a site located in northcentral Kansas.

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