Educational Opportunities

At a dig

The Division of Archaeology is closely affiliated with the Anthropology Department (which offers BA, MA and PhD degrees) and the Museum Studies Program (which offers a MA degree).  Dr. Mary Adair, Senior Curator in Charge, and Dr. Sandra Olsen, Senior Curator and Museum Studies Professor, serve on thesis and dissertation committees and assist student research, particularly pertaining to the Division collections.  Both curators have courtesy appointments in Anthropology.  Drs. Jack Hofman and Frederic Sellet, professors in KU’s Anthropology Department, are Research Associates and have offices in the Division of Archaeology.

The Division is the only facility for archaeological research and collection curation on the KU campus.  Students performing approvedStudent with Microscope collection research may have access to the Division’s lithic, zooarchaeology, and paleoethnobotany labs and the imaging center.  Layout space is provided for student researchers using the collections.

The Division of Archaeology is dedicated to training future generations of archaeologists and to disseminating the results of collection-based research. Within the last 20 years, 41 PhD dissertations or Master’s theses, and 17 undergraduate honors theses have incorporated data derived from the Division’s collections.