About KU Biodiversity Modeling

We focus our efforts on the description and understanding of species distributions and biodiversity patterns over large scales.

Biodiversity Modeling and Policy was created in 2005, when Jorge Soberón joined the Biodiversity Institute. This division is located at Dyche Hall, in close association to the research group of Town Peterson, working mostly on modeling and understanding spatial patterns of distribution of species. Since Soberón was in charge of biodiversity policy at the federal level, in Mexico, this division also has a research interest in international biodiversity policy.

On theoretical issues related to the distribution of species, the division has published more than 150 papers, been cited (Google Scholar) more than 30,000 times. Soberón has been counted twice among the top one percent of most cited authors in ecology, in the world. The division has received major grants from NSF, CONABIO in Mexico, and Microsoft Research.

The division participates actively in teaching and mentoring, including teaching about international environmental policy.