Graduate Education

In this group there are PhD and MSc level students, and often we also get undergraduate students during brief periods. I also regularly host students from abroad that come on brief visits of a few months. I also teach regularly courses in the EEB department of KU and sometimes in Latin American Studies as well. 

Right now there are two PhD and one MSc students, and two others may be coming in the Fall of 2014. 

The teaching philosophy I have is that the best way of learning something is by doing. Although I love lecturing, the real objective is to help you to develop the skills to identify interesting questions in the field, and then answer them using mathematical analysis, visualization tools, assembling, debuging and querying a large database. If you come to my group it should be because you are interested in concepts, general questions and formal tools.

I tend to organize my thinking creating Web Pages. Here there is a link for one that has been used to teach Niche Modeling courses in Latin America.