General Overview

Entomology conducts research, research training and graduate education on the world’s insects-their global diversity, evolution, geography, genomics, morphology, conservation, ecology, and behavior. These studies are grounded in research collections of almost 5 million specimens and their associated data. Major research areas in Entomology are the taxonomy and systematics of Bees (Apoidea), fossil insects, and water beetles.


Gathering insects

Help Support Entomology

Entomology has three permanent funds which help to support our collection-based endeavors (all are restricted funds with specific parameters).  These funds are all maintained by the University of Kansas Endowment Association (KUEA), to whom any donations should be directed.  Be certain to specify with your payment to which fund you would like to contribute and that it is for Entomology.

Michener Bee Collection Fund: supports research on bees as well as the development of the bee collection.

Byers Opportunity Fund: supports student attendance at U.S. meetings or to visit U.S. museums. 

Entomological Museum Development Fund: supports the general research endeavors of the Division



During most of its history, and certainly during the last 50 years, the entomological collections housed at Entomology at the University of Kansas have been among the most active and important of the university-based collections in the Midwestern United States. It has been a major repository for insect specimens from the Midwest and more recently from Mexico and tropical America with comparative material of world-wide scope and in areas of research specialization. Its role in providing research material to the world-wide community of systematist and as a focal point for major systematic research and graduate training in systematics have made it one of the most active and productive in the United States. Recent improvements in physical facilities and research and collection management equipment have allowed substantial improvement of program and collections.