Entomology staff and graduate students publish on a variety of topics. Recent highlights include:

Bloom, D.D., M. Fikáček, & A.E.Z. Short. 2014. Clade age diversification rate variation determine species richness in aquatic beetle lineages. PLoS ONE 9(6): e98430.

Fikáček, M., M. Maruyama, D. Vondracek, & A.E.Z. Short. 2013. Chimaerocyon gen. nov., a morphologically aberrant myrmecophilou genus of water scavenger beetle (Coleoptera: Hydrophilidae: Sphaeridiinae). Zootaxa 3716: 277–288.

Maier, C.A., & A.E.Z. Short. 2013. A revision of the Lutrochidae (Coleoptera) of Venezuela, with description of six new species. Zootaxa 3637: 285–307.

Short, A.E.Z., & M. Fikáček. 2013. Molecular phylogeny, evolution, and classification of the Hydrophilidae (Coleoptera). Systematic Entomology 38(4): 723–752.

Short, A.E.Z., L.J. Joly, M. García, A. Wild, D.D. Bloom, & D.R. Maddison. 2015. Molecular phylogeny of the Hydroscaphidae (Coleoptera: Myxophaga) with description of a remarkable new lineage from the Guiana Shield. Systematic Entomology 40(1): 214–229.