Panorama Explore & Move

Side view of a fox, which is looking at the camera. Background of forest leaves.

Click on the names of the animals below, which are in display in the Panorama exhibit and follow the actions indicated to get moving while you learn about the animals! 

Bittern (jpg) — Stalk like a bittern bird: Walk slowly and try to stay hidden.

Caribou (jpg) — Dig like a caribou: Use your fingertips to dig.

Coyote (jpg) — Howl like a coyote: Keep your head back and open your mouth.

Gila Monster (jpg) — Groove like a Gila Monster: Move your left arm and leg, then your right arm and leg.

Lynx — Mark like a lynx: Rub your cheek on something.

Polar Bear — Paddle like a polar bear: move your hands with spread fingers.

Porcupine — Defend like a porcupine: Cover your face, turn and shake your backside.

Prairie Chicken — Dance like prairie chicken: stomp around in a circle.

Sheep — Stand like a sheep: Stand on your tip toes.

Skunk — Stomp like a skunk: Stamp your hands as a warning.

Tapir — Twitch like a tapir: Move your nose and upper lip together.

Wolf — Snarl like a wolf: Show your teeth.

The Panorama is a nearly 360-degree display of flora and fauna from the Arctic to rainforests of the Northern Hemisphere all in one large gallery at the KU Natural History Museum. The North American portion was originally created for the Kansas exhibit at the 1893 World’s Columbian Exposition and featured the prairie and surrounding regions. Over the years, it was expanded to include deciduous forests and deserts of North America, Central American rainforests and more.

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