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Over the past four years, KU paleontologists led by David Burnham have discovered T. rex fossils and brought them back to KU. You can be a part of this adventure by supporting the students and staff participating in the expedition.

The team hopes to unearth more of a new young T. rex. discovered in 2016.  The team has already recovered both upper jaws, including one with a complete set of teeth. They’ve found cranial bones, part of the hip and sacrum, some back bones, and a portion of the foot. They also hope to explore the nearby site of bird and crocodile fossils, an area with metasequoia cones, plant seeds, snails, clams and much more.  

Please support this project with your tax-deductible contribution. Gifts of any size can help support the expedition and the preparation of these fossils for study and display at the KU Natural History Museum.

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