Graduate Education

Graduate Education in Ichthyology is primarily affiliated with the degree-granting Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, which offers both an M.A. and Ph.D. Additionally, numerous students in the Department of Geology have worked closely with ichthyological curators.

KU is a premier international destination for students with interests in evolution, systematics, and ecology of freshwater and marine fishes. 

Our graduate students generally belong to the graduate program administered by the KU Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, but we have had several students co-advised from the KU Department of Geology.

We are typically home to two or more masters and PhD students.

Since 1980, KU Ichthyology has graduated 9 Masters students and 18 Ph.D. students.

Our alumni have gone on to positions at universities or museums (e.g., Peter Berendzen, Shannon DeVaney, David Edds, Michael Ghedotti, Nancy Holcroft, Rick Mayden, Kate Moots, Andrew Simons, Kevin Tang), research institutes (e.g., Ping-fu Chen), or government (e.g., Kris McNyset).