Christian Supsup

Christian Supsup
  • Master's Student - Herpetology


B.S. in Secondary Education major in Biology, De La Salle University – Dasmariñas
M.S. in Biology, De La Salle University

Selected Publications

Supsup, C.E., Asis, A.A., Carestia Jr., U.V., Puna, N.M., and Avanceña, J.B. in press. Geographic distribution, population and conservation status of Tragulus nigricans, an endangered mouse deer endemic to western Philippines. Pacific Conservation Biology. 

Supsup, C.E and Carestia Jr., U.V. 2020. Rediscovery, new island record, and clarification of the geographic distribution of Oligodon perkinsi Taylor (1925), a poorly known endemic snake from the Palawan Faunal Region of western Philippines. Check List 16(4) 877–881.

Supsup, C.E, Asis, A.A., Carestia Jr., U., Diesmos, A.C., Mallari, N.A.D., Brown, R.M. 2020. Variation in species richness, composition, and herpetological community structure across a tropical habitat gradient of Palawan Island, Philippines. Herpetozoa 33: 95–111. DOI 10.3897/herpetozoa.33.e47293

Pili, A. N., Supsup, C. E., Sy, E. Y., Diesmos, M. L. L. and Diesmos, A. C. 2019. Spatial dynamics of invasion and distribution of alien frogs in a biodiversity hotspot archipelago. Pp. 337–347 in Island invasives: scaling up to meet the challenge (C.R. Veitch, M.N. Clout, A.R. Martin, J.C. Russell, and C.J. West, eds.). International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources, Gland, Switzerland.

Supsup, C. E., Guinto, F. M., Redoblado, B. R. and Gomez, R. S. 2017. Amphibians and reptiles from the Mt. Hamiguitan,

Supsup, C. E., Puna, N., Asis, A.A.., Redoblado, B., Panaguinit, F. G., Guinto, F.M., Rico, E.L., Diesmos, A.C., Brown, R.M. and Mallari, N.A. 2016. Amphibians and reptiles of Cebu, Philippines: the poorly understood herpetofauna of an island with virtually no remaining natural habitat. Asian Herpetological Research. 7(3): 151–179.

Supsup, C. E., Redoblado, B. R. and Guinto F. M. 2016. First record of rare endemic tree skink Lipinia vulcania on Sibuyan Island, Philippines, with notes on its conservation and taxonomic status. Herpetological Review 47(1): 24–26