Pauline Coster

Pauline Coster
  • Adjunct Research Associate - Vertebrate Paleontology

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Dyche Hall
1345 Jayhawk Blvd.
Lawrence, KS 66045


Ph.D. in Vertebrate Paleontology, Université de Poitiers, 2010
M.S. in Paleontology, Université de Rennes I - Montpellier 2, 2006
B.A. in Earth Science, Université de Rennes I, 2005


Early Tertiary placental mammals

Adaptive radiations of several groups within the Euarchontoglires in Africa, especially Rodentia and Primates

Macro-evolutionary, phylogenetic and paleobiological aspects of these radiations 

Role of paleogeography and paleoenvironment on the evolutionary history of these groups of mammals

Magnetostratigraphy and continental sedimentary series of biostratigraphy

Selected Publications

Beard K.C., Coster P., Salem M., Chaimanee Y., Jaeger J.-J. (2016) A new species of Apidium (Anthropoidea, Parapithecidae) from the Sirt Basin, central Libya: first record of Oligocene primates from Libya, Journal of Human Evolution, 90:29-37.

Coster, P., Beard K.C., Salem M.J., Chaimanee Y. and Jaeger J.-J. (2015) New fossils from the Paleogene of central Libya illuminate the evolutionary history of endemic African anomaluroid rodents. Frontiers in Earth Science 3:56.

Coster P., Beard K.C., Salem M., Chaimanee Y., Jaeger J.-J. (2015) A new early Oligocene mammal fauna from the Sirt Basin, central Libya: biostratigraphic and paleogeographic implications. Journal of African Earth Science, 104:43-55.

Beard K.C., Coster P. (2015) Upper molar morphology of the early Oligocene Egyptian anthropoid Qatrania wingiAmerican Journal of Physical Anthropology, in press.

Beard K.C., Coster P., Salem M., Chaimanee Y., Jaeger J.-J. (2014) Biogeographic Provincialism shown by Afro-Arabian Mammals during the Middle Cenozoic: Climate Change, Red Sea Rifting and Global Eustasy. RED SEA VI Proceedings (Dionisius A. Agius, Emad Khalil, Eleanor Scerri and Alun Williams, eds.) – E.J. Brill - University of Exeter.

Coster P., Beard K.C., Aung Naing Soe, Chit Sein, Chaimanee Y., Lazzari V., Valentin X., Jaeger J.-J. (2013). Uniquely derived upper molar morphology of Eocene Amphipithecidae (Primates: Anthropoidea): Homology and phylogeny. Journal of Human Evolution,

Chavasseau O., Aung Aung Khyaw, Chaimanee Y., Coster P., Emonet E.G., Aung Naing Soe, Rugbumrung M., Soe Thura Tun, Jaeger J.-J. (2013) Advances in the Biochronology and Biostratigraphy of the Continental Neogene of Myanmar, In: X. Wang, L. J. Flynn, & M. Fortelius (Eds), Fossil mammals of Asia: Neogene biostratigraphy and chronology, chapter 19. 

Coster P., Benammi M., Mahboubi M., Tabuce R., Adaci M., Marivaux L., Bensalah M., Mahboubi S., Mahboubi A., Mebrouk F., Maameri C., Jaeger J.-J. (2012). Chronology of the Eocene continental deposits of Africa:  magnetic polarity stratigraphy and biostratigraphy of El Kohol and Glib Zegdou formations, Algeria. Geological Society of America Bulletin 124: 1590-1606.

Grohé C., Morlo M., Chaimanee Y., Blondel C., Coster P., Valentin X., Salem M., Bilal A.A., Jaeger J.-J., Michel B. (2012). New Apterodontinae (Hyaenodontida) from the Eocene Locality of Dur At-Talah (Libya): Systematic, Paleoecological and Phylogenetical Implications. PLoS ONE 7(11): e49054.

Tabuce R., Jaeger J.-J., Marivaux L., Salem M., Bilal A.A, Benammi M., Chaimanee Y., Coster P., Marandat B., Valentin X., Brunet M. (2012).  New stem elephant-shrews (Mammalia, Macroscelidea) from the Eocene of Dur At-Talah, Libya. Palaeontology 55(5): 945-955.

Coster P., Benammi M., Salem M., Bilal A.A., Chaimanee Y., Valentin X., Brunet M., Jaeger J.-J. (2012). New hystricognathous rodents from the lower Oligocene of Central Libya (Zallah Oasis, Saharan desert): systematic, phylogenetic and biochronologic implications. Annals of Carnegie Museum 80(3): 239-259.

Jaeger J.-J., Naing Soe A., Chavasseau O., Coster P., Emonet E.-G., Guy F., Lebrun R., Maung A., Aung Khyaw A., Shwe H., Thura Tun S., Linn Oo K., Rugbumrung M., Bocherens H., Benammi M., Chaivanich K., Tafforeau P., Chaimanee Y. (2011). First hominoid from the late Miocene of the Irrawaddy Formation (Myanmar). PLoS ONE 6(4): e17065.

Jaeger J.-J., Beard K.C., Chaimanee Y., Salem M., Benammi M., Hlal O., Coster P., Bilal A.A., Duringer P., Schuster M., Valentin X., Marandat B., Marivaux L., Métais E., Hammuda O., Brunet M. (2010). Late middle Eocene epoch of Libya yields earliest known radiation of African anthropoids. Nature 467: 1095-1098.

Coster P., Benammi M., Chaimanee Y., Yamee C., Chavasseau O., Emonet E.-G., Jaeger J.-J. (2010). A complete magnetic-polarity stratigraphy of the Miocene continental deposits of Mae Moh Basin, northern Thailand, and a reassessment of the age of hominoid-bearing localities in northern Thailand. Geological Society of America Bulletin 122: 1180-1191.

Coster P., Benammi M., Lazzari V., Billet G., Martin T., Salem M., Bilal A.A., Chaimanee Y., Schuster M., Valentin X., Brunet M., Jaeger J.-J. (2010). Gaudeamus lavocati sp. nov. (Rodentia, Hystricognathi) from the early Oligocene of Zallah, Libya: First African caviomorph?Naturwissenschaften 97: 697-706.

Chavasseau O., Chaimanee Y., Coster P., Emonet E.-G., Aung Naing Soe, Aung Aung Kyaw, Aye Maung, Rugbumrung M., Hla Shwe, Jaeger J.-J. (2010). First record of a chalicothere from the Miocene of Myanmar. Acta Palaeontologica Polonica 55: 13-22.

Grants & Other Funded Activity

2013     National Geographic Research and Exploration Grant

2012     Rea post-doctoral fellowship, Carnegie Museum of Natural History

2011     Fondation Fyssen Research Grant