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Paleontological Contributions is an online-only, open-access, rapid publication journal, available free of charge online. We also invite submissions. Please review the information below.

Paleontological Contributions invites submissions that deal with all aspects of paleontology or related biological disciplines. Original research articles and monographs are welcome. Paleontological Contributions content and articles are searchable via our Paleo Institute Online Publications Database

Paleontological Contributions supersedes the University of Kansas Paleontological Contributions new series, which consolidated into one format the three series that were published previously, Monographs, Articles, and Papers.

Systematic treatments, including descriptions of new taxa, are welcome, and Paleontological Contributions complies with the requirements of ICBN and ICZN for publication of valid nomenclature. Hard copies of each article are archived at libraries throughout the world.

All articles are peer reviewed by at least two external referees, and reviews are assessed by Associate Editors, who make recommendations to the Editor. Reviews remain anonymous except where reviewers choose to identify themselves. Accepted manuscripts are published online via the Paleontological Institute website as Adobe Acrobat (PDF) files and are open access.

Editorial Staff

Editor: Bruce Lieberman

Assistant Editor: Elizabeth Black

Managing Editor: Denise Mayse

Editorial Office, Paleontological Institute, University of Kansas


Associate Editors

Brian Atkinson, University of Kansas

K. Christopher Beard, University of Kansas

Natalia López Carranza, University of Kansas

Kelly Matsunaga, University of Kansas

Submission Information

Manuscript Preparation

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  • Illustrations may have color.
  • No page limit.
  • Authors will be billed $30 per final PDF page.
  • Offprints are available at cost price.