Herpetology - Graduate Education

KU Herpetology students in the field, sitting near their tents with instructor holding a specimen in the background

KU is a premier international destination for students with interests in ecology, evolution, and systematics of amphibians and reptiles. Graduate education at KU Herpetology involves Master's and PhD students enrolled through the KU Department and Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Graduate Program. We are typically home to six or more Master's and PhD students.

If you are interested in joining KU Herpetology and the KU EEB graduate program, the first step is to learn a bit more about us through our researchpublications, and collections. If your interests seem to match the type of work that we’re doing, the next step is to obtain information on our graduate program, its requirements and expectations. Then contact one or more KU researchers with basic academic information about yourself, your interests, and your educational objectives. Acceptance into the KU EEB graduate program is highly competitive and most successful applicants have a strong track record of academic success, including excellent grades, a year or more of independent research experience, and research-focused field experience.

Since 1960, KU has graduated 31 Master's students and 58 Ph.D. students. In addition to graduate students from across the United States, including Puerto Rico, international students include representatives of Argentina, Brazil, Burma, Chile, China, Colombia, Ecuador, Germany, India, Mexico, Peru, Venezuela, the Philippines, Zambia, and Malaysia.