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Previously Published Treatise Volumes

Part E, Porifera (Revised), vol. 4 & 5 (2015)

Part T, Echinodermata 2 (Revised), vol. 3 (2011)

Part L, Mollusca 4 (Revised), vol. 2 (2009)

Part H, Brachiopoda (Revised), vol. 6 (2007)

Part H, Brachiopoda (Revised), vol. 5 (2006)

Part B, Protista 1, vol. 1 (2005)

Part E, Porifera (Revised), vol. 3 (2004)

Part E, Porifera (Revised), vol. 2 (2003)

Part H, Brachiopoda (Revised), vol. 4 (2002)

Part H, Brachiopoda (Revised), vol. 2 & 3 (2000)

Part H, Brachiopoda (Revised), vol. 1 (1997)

Part O, Arthropoda 1 (Revised), vol. 1 (1997)

Part L, Mollusca 4 (Revised), vol. 4 (1996)

Part R, Arthropoda 4, vol. 3  (1992)

Part G, Bryozoa (Revised), vol. 1 (1983)

Part F, Coelenterata, Supplement 1, vol. 1 & 2 (1981)

Part W, Miscellanea, Supplement 2 (1981)

Part E, Archaeocyatha (Revised), vol. 1 (1972)

Part V, Graptolithina (Revised) (1970)

Part R, Arthropoda 4, vol. 1 & 2 (1969)

Part N, Mollusca 6, vol. 1 & 2 (1969)

Part U, Echinodermata 3, vol. 1 & 2 (1966)

Part H, Brachiopoda, vol. 1 & 2 (1965)

Part C, Protista 2, vol. 1 & 2 (1964)

Part W, Miscellanea (1962)

Part Q, Arthropoda 3 (1961)

Treatise Online was first established in 2010 with the purpose of providing scholars and researchers early access to current sections of upcoming volumes of the Treatise on Invertebrate Paleontology. 

Paleontological Contributions is an online-only, open-access, rapid publication journal that currently contains papers and articles published from 1947 to the present. It is a monographic journal that has published on the taxonomy, systematics and phylogeny of invertebrate, vertebrate, and plant fossil remains both from Kansas and beyond, and by KU researchers and those from other institutions both within and outside the United States. We have also produced special publications that cover various topics including stratigraphy, fossil collecting, and the history of paleontology and geology at KU.

Paleontological Contributions supersedes the University of Kansas Paleontological Contributions, new series, which consolidated into one format the three series that were published previously, Monographs, Articles, and Papers. All previous versions of Paleontological Contributions can be found on the University of Kansas ScholarWorks site.

TitleAuthor(s)Publication TypeYear of publication
Recent marine and lagoonal ostracodes from the Estero De Tastiota region, Sonora, Mexico (Northeastern Gulf of California) Richard H. Benson, Roger L. Kaesler KU Paleontological Contributions 1963
Postglacial (Holocene) ostracodes from Lake Erie Richard H. Benson, Harold C. MacDonald KU Paleontological Contributions 1963
Recent ostracodes of Knysna Estuary, Cape Province, Union of South Africa Richard H. Benson, Rosalie F. Maddocks KU Paleontological Contributions 1964
Crawfordsville (Indiana) Crinoid Studies Jan F. Van Sant, N. Gary Lane KU Paleontological Contributions 1964
Recent cytheracean ostracodes from McMurdo Sound and the Ross Sea, Antarctica Richard H. Benson KU Paleontological Contributions 1964
Faunal description of Ostracoda of the Marlbrook Marl (Campanian), ArkansasRichard H. Benson, James O. Tatro KU Paleontological Contributions 1964
Biostratigraphy of Cenozoic Ostracoda from South Carolina William Kenneth Pooser KU Paleontological Contributions 1965
Permian biostratigraphy and fusulinid faunas of the Shasta Lake area, northern California John W. Skinner, Garner L. Wilde KU Paleontological Contributions 1965
Anatomy and evolution of chirocentrid fishes David Bardack KU Paleontological Contributions 1965
Osteology and relationships of Captorhinus aguti (Cope) (Reptilia: Captorhinomorpha) Richard C. Fox, Merton C. Bowman KU Paleontological Contributions 1966
Comparative morphology, phylogeny, and classification of fossil Coleoidea J. A. Jeletzky KU Paleontological Contributions 1966
Bryozoan Tabulipora carbonaria in Wreford Megacyclothem (Lower Permian) of Kansas Roger J. Cuffey KU Paleontological Contributions 1967
Ecology of Rhizopodea and Ostracoda of southern Pamlico Sound region, North Carolina Stuart Grossman, Richard H. Benson KU Paleontological Contributions 1967
Morphological features of crinoid columns Raymond C. Moore, Russell M. Jeffords, Theo H. Miller KU Paleontological Contributions 1968
Classification and nomenclature of fossil crinoids based on studies of dissociated parts of their columns Raymond C. Moore, Russell M. Jeffords KU Paleontological Contributions 1968
Ontogenetic development in Late Pennsylvanian crinoid columnals and pluricolumnals Russell M. Jeffords, Theo H. Miller KU Paleontological Contributions 1968
Coccoliths and related calcareous nannofossils from Upper Cretaceous deposits of Texas and Arkansas Stefan Gartner Jr. KU Paleontological Contributions 1968
Upper Cretaceous Foraminifera from southern California and northwestern Baja California, Mexico WIlliam V. Sliter KU Paleontological Contributions 1968
Lower Pennsylvanian (Morrowan) crinoids from Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Texas Raymond C. Moore, Harrell L. Strimple KU Paleontological Contributions 1973
Latest Cretaceous mammals of upper part of Edmonton Formation of Alberta, Canada, and review of marsupial-placental dichotomy in mammalian evolution Jason A. Lillegraven KU Paleontological Contributions 1969