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Previously Published Treatise Volumes

Part E, Porifera (Revised), vol. 4 & 5 (2015)

Part T, Echinodermata 2 (Revised), vol. 3 (2011)

Part L, Mollusca 4 (Revised), vol. 2 (2009)

Part H, Brachiopoda (Revised), vol. 6 (2007)

Part H, Brachiopoda (Revised), vol. 5 (2006)

Part B, Protista 1, vol. 1 (2005)

Part E, Porifera (Revised), vol. 3 (2004)

Part E, Porifera (Revised), vol. 2 (2003)

Part H, Brachiopoda (Revised), vol. 4 (2002)

Part H, Brachiopoda (Revised), vol. 2 & 3 (2000)

Part H, Brachiopoda (Revised), vol. 1 (1997)

Part O, Arthropoda 1 (Revised), vol. 1 (1997)

Part L, Mollusca 4 (Revised), vol. 4 (1996)

Part R, Arthropoda 4, vol. 3  (1992)

Part G, Bryozoa (Revised), vol. 1 (1983)

Part F, Coelenterata, Supplement 1, vol. 1 & 2 (1981)

Part W, Miscellanea, Supplement 2 (1981)

Part E, Archaeocyatha (Revised), vol. 1 (1972)

Part V, Graptolithina (Revised) (1970)

Part R, Arthropoda 4, vol. 1 & 2 (1969)

Part N, Mollusca 6, vol. 1 & 2 (1969)

Part U, Echinodermata 3, vol. 1 & 2 (1966)

Part H, Brachiopoda, vol. 1 & 2 (1965)

Part C, Protista 2, vol. 1 & 2 (1964)

Part W, Miscellanea (1962)

Part Q, Arthropoda 3 (1961)

Treatise Online was first established in 2010 with the purpose of providing scholars and researchers early access to current sections of upcoming volumes of the Treatise on Invertebrate Paleontology. 

Paleontological Contributions is an online-only, open-access, rapid publication journal that currently contains papers and articles published from 1947 to the present. It is a monographic journal that has published on the taxonomy, systematics and phylogeny of invertebrate, vertebrate, and plant fossil remains both from Kansas and beyond, and by KU researchers and those from other institutions both within and outside the United States. We have also produced special publications that cover various topics including stratigraphy, fossil collecting, and the history of paleontology and geology at KU.

Paleontological Contributions supersedes the University of Kansas Paleontological Contributions, new series, which consolidated into one format the three series that were published previously, Monographs, Articles, and Papers. All previous versions of Paleontological Contributions can be found on the University of Kansas ScholarWorks site.

TitleAuthor(s)Publication TypeYear of publication
Middle Cretaceous (Cenomanian Ostracoda from the Wasia Formation of Saudi ArabiaAli A. F. Al-Furaih KU Paleontological Contributions 1983
Lophophore of the Eocene brachiopod Terebratulina wardenensis ElliottA. J. Rowell, A. J. Rundle KU Paleontological Contributions 1967
New edrioasteroid from the Middle Cambrian of western UtahJames Sprinkle KU Paleontological Contributions 1985
Fossil fungi from America Pennsylvanian coal ballsRobert W. Baxter KU Paleontological Contributions 1975
The microstructure of the crinoid endoskeletonDonald B. Macurda Jr., David L. Meyer KU Paleontological Contributions 1975
Aethocrinus moorei Ubaghs, n. gen., n. sp., le plus ancien crinoide dicyclique connuGeorges Ubaghs KU Paleontological Contributions 1969
New Lower Permian fusulinids from Culberson County, TexasJohn W. Skinner KU Paleontological Contributions 1971
Morphological variations in the ammonite Scaphites of the Blue Hill Member, Carlile Shale, Upper Cretaceous, KansasRex E. Crick KU Paleontological Contributions 1978
Upper Ordovician xenocrinids (Crinoidea, Camerata) from ScotlandJames C. Brower KU Paleontological Contributions 1974
Quantitative re-evaluation of ecology and distribution of recent foraminifera and Ostracoda of Todos Santos Bay, Baja California, MexicoRoger L. Kaesler KU Paleontological Contributions 1966
Permian Foraminifera from TunisiaJohn W. Skinner, Garner L. Wilde KU Paleontological Contributions 1967
Fossil crinoid studiesHarrell L. Strimple, Raymond C. Moore, Richard C. Allison, Gary L. Kline, A. S. Horowitz, D. R. Boardman II, James F. Miller KU Paleontological Contributions 1971
Faunal studies of the type Chesteran, Upper Mississippian of southwestern IllinoisW. M. Furnish, W. B. Saunders, D. W. Burdick, Harrell L. Strimple KU Paleontological Contributions 1971
Isopod and limulid marks and trails in Tonganoxie Sandstone (Upper Pennsylvanian) of KansasKlaus Bandel KU Paleontological Contributions 1967
Kansas Hamilton Quarry (Upper Pennsylvanian) Acanthodes, with remarks on the previously reported North American occurrences of the genusJiri Zidek KU Paleontological Contributions 1976
Magnesium content of calcite in carapaces of benthic armine OstracodaH. Meade Cadot Jr., Roger L. Kaesler KU Paleontological Contributions 1977
Homalozoan echinoderms of the Wheeler Formation (Middle Cambrian) of western UtahGeorges Ubaghs, Richard A. Robison KU Paleontological Contributions 1988
Lamellorthoceratids (Cephalopoda, Orthoceroidea) from the Lower Devonian of New YorkGeorge D. Stanley Jr., Curt Teichert KU Paleontological Contributions 1976
Pennsylvanian ichthyoliths from the Shawnee Group of eastern KansasLinda E. Tway KU Paleontological Contributions 1979
New or poorly understood Tertiary sepiids from southeastern United States and MexicoJ. A. Jeletzky KU Paleontological Contributions 1969