Desui Miao

Desui Miao
  • Collection Manager, Retired - Vertebrate Paleontology

Contact Info

Dyche Hall
1345 Jayhawk Blvd.
Lawrence, KS 66045


B.A., Nanjing University, 1977
M.S., Chinese Academy of Sciences, 1981
Ph.D., The University of Wyoming, 1987


Current Academic Appointments: 

Collections Manager, Division of Vertebrate Paleontology, Biodiversity Institute, The University of Kansas, January 1989 to present.

Research Associate, IVPP, Chinese Academy of Sciences, November 1997—present.

Previous Academic Appointments: 

Postdoctoral Lecturer, Department of Organismal Biology and Anatomy, The University of Chicago, October 1987—December 1988.

Selected Publications

Miao, D. and J. A. Lillegraven. 1986. Discovery of three ear ossicles in a multituberculate mammal. National Geographic Research 2:500-507.

Miao, D. 1988. Skull morphology of Lambdopsalis bulla (Mammalia, Multituberculata) and its implications to mammalian evolution. Contributions to Geology, The University of Wyoming, Special Paper 4, viii+104p.     

Wible, J. R., D. Miao, and J. A. Hopson. 1990. The septomaxilla of fossil and recent synapsids and the problem of the septomaxilla of monotremes and armadillos. Zoological Journal of Linnean  Society, London 98:203-228.

Miao, D. 1991. On the origins of mammals. In: Schultze, H.-P. and L. Trueb (eds.) Origins of the Higher Groups of Tetrapods: Controversy and Consensus. Cornell University Press, Ithaca. Pp.579-597.

Miao, D. 1993. Cranial morphology and multituberculate relationships. In: Szalay, F. S., M. J. Novacek, and M. C. McKenna (eds.) Mammal Phylogeny: Mesozoic differentiation, multituberculates, monotremes, early therians, and marsupials. Springer-Verlag, New York. Pp. 63-74.

Chang, M-m., D. Miao et al. 2001. Suckers (Fish, Catostomidae) from the Eocene of China account for the family’s current disjunct distributions. Science in China (Series D) 44:577-586.

Chang, M-m. and D. Miao. 2004. An overview of Mesozoic fishes in Asia. In: Arratia, G. and A. Tintori, eds. Mesozoic Fishes 3—Systematics, paleoenvironments and biodiversity. Munchen: Verlag Dr. Friedrich Pfeil. P. 535-563.

Chang, M-m., J. Zhang, and D. Miao. 2006. A lamprey from the Cretaceous Jehol Biota of China. Nature 441:972-974.

Chang M-M, Wang X-M, Liu H-Z, Miao D-S, Zhao Q-H, Wu G-X, Liu J, Li Q, Sun Z-C, Wang N, 2008. Extraordinarily thick-boned fish linked to the aridification of the Qaidam Basin (northern Tibetan Plateau). PNAS, 105(36): 13246–13251.

Chang Mee-mann, Chen Peiji, Wang Yuanqing, Wang Yuan, and Miao Desui (eds.) (2008): The Jehol Fossils: The emergence of feathered dinosaurs, beaked birds and flowering plants. p.1-208. (Academic Press). Amsterdam.

Zheng, X., Xu, X., Zhou, Z., Miao, D. & Zhang F., 2010. Comment on “Narrow Primary Feather Rachises in Confuciusornis and Archaeopteryx Suggests Poor Flight Ability”. Science, 330:320-c.

Chang M-M, Miao D-S, Wang N. 2010. Ascent with modification: Fossil fishes witnessed their own group’s adaptation to the uplift of Tibetan Plateau during the Late Cenozoic. In: Long, M., Gu, H., Zhou, Z. (eds.), Darwin's Heritage TodayProceedings of the Darwin 200 Beijing International Conference. Beijing: Higher Education Press, 60-75.

Elliott, D. E., Maisey, J. G., Yu, X. & Miao, D. (eds.), 2010. Morphology, phylogeny and paleobiogeography of fossil fishes. Munchen: Verlag Dr. Friedrich Pfeil, 472pp.

Zheng, X., Martin, L. D., Zhou, Z., Burnham, D. A., Zhang, F. & Miao, D., 2011. Fossil evidence of avian crops from the Early Cretaceous of China. PNAS, 108(38):15904-15907.

Awards & Honors

1986 Alfred Sherwood Romer Prize recipient (awarded by the Society of Vertebrate Paleontology for the best student paper read at its 46th annual meeting held in the Philadelphia Academy of Natural Sciences).

1987 Outstanding Dissertation Award recipient, The University of Wyoming.